Active Aero Group
A global logistics supply chain solutions provider, noted for its proprietary spot bid technology, uniquely supported by owned/controlled ground and air assets. Recognized as the leading provider of on-demand air charter cargo services.

Active On-Demand
Active On-Demand is a division of Active Aero Group and provides global transportation logistics for customers with sensitive or time-critical freight.

USA Jet Airlines
USA Jet Airlines is a division of the Active Aero Group and a FAA certified airline that operates a fleet of cargo aircraft reserved exclusively for Active On-Demand.

The Best Mode. Delivered.
Sometimes the best truck isn't a truck, and sometimes you need more than an aircraft. Our blended expedited services bring discipline and control to the business of moving freight quickly. Learn more ›

The Best Price. Delivered.
Sometimes - when shipments are critical - service becomes more important than price. However, that doesn't apply here. Our best-in-class procurement system leaves no doubt our customers receive the lowest available price for every shipment.
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The Best Service. Delivered.
We've built a worldwide reputation for consistently meeting need times for expedited shipments with highest level of customer service.

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